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Saturday, 22 July 2017

List Of Documents Required For Trust Registration u/s 12A & 80G

                         Today, We discuss a Topic related the Documents, which are required by Income Tax Department for registered the Trust under Income Tax Act, 1961.
Now, People are facing the problem to registered their Trust under the Act, because every one, don't have complete knowledge about Documents required by the Income Tax Department.
Following are list of Documents required by the I.T. Department for Trust registration -
  • Form no. 10A with Court Fee stamp of Rs. 5/-
  • Attested Copy of Certificate from Charity Commissioner/ Asst. Registrar of Societies.
  • Attested Copy of Trust Deed Approved by the Charity Commissioner.
  • Declaration u/s 13(109c) of S.T. Act, 1961 duly signed by all Trustee.
  • Form no. 10G with Court Fee stamp of Rs. 5/-.
  • Reason for Delay, If any.
  • Copies of I.E. Acts Balance Sheets, Audit Reports in Form no. 10B for last 3 years or since Creations of Trust as applicable.
  • Copies of Acknowledgements of return of Income of Trust for last 3 years or as applicable.
  • Note on Activities of the Trust for last 3 years or since creation of the Trust as applicable.
  • List of Trustees with Addressees- Like Pan Card Copy & Aadhar Card Copy.
  • A Certificate regarding "No Change" in the Trust Deed/Objects since creation last approvals u/s 80G of the Act.
  • List of Donors for Rs. 5,000 /- and above for last 3 years or since creation of the Trust as applicable.
  • Copies of the Form no. 10 with Assessing Officer in the case of accumulation of Surplus.
  • Copy of Registration u/s 12A
  • Copy of 80G approval Certificate 
Note - Three Sets of above Documents should be submitted to their respective C.I.T Office.

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