Income Tax


Sunday 8 September 2019

What is Intimation under Section 143(1) ?

Now, today we discuss what is Intimation u/s 143(1).....?? of Income Tax & How to read or understand this section....??.

The Income Tax return file by any person which processed by Income Tax Department & after processed, Department send a communication letter which called Intimation u/s 143(1)

Its sent by Income Tax Department on your registered E-mail ID as per e-filing income tax portal, In this IT Department verify or check the Income Tax Calculation done in Income Tax Return (ITR) filed is correct or not. When Income Tax Department processed the Income Tax return, it send an Intimation u/s 143 (1) of Income Tax Act,1961 on your respective E-mail ID.

In this Income Department matches your Tax Calculation with their records Or sources of information they have, this process also include Tax, Interest calculation, internal inconsistencies, arithmetical error, tax payment made person & so many etc. Its a Prima facie evaluation by department.

When you received intimation please check your personal details like Name, PAN, Address, Date of filing return & so many are correct or not after that In this Department provides you a comparison in tabular form of your file return. In this they provide all details as you mention at the time of return filed such as Source of Income, any additional Income, Deduction, Tax liability , Tax Deducted at Source, tax relief, interest(u/s 234A, 234B, 234C), Late fees(u/s 234F if any).

In future Department finds some other source of income which you not declare, you can face income tax notice u/s 245 for additional Tax liability or notice u/s 143(3) Income scrutiny & so on. so, declare your correct Income with correct deduction claim.

Intimation which send on your E-mail ID is password protracted, password of your intimation is your pan following with Date of birth in lower case. for example aaaaa0000a15081983. 

If Department finds any mis match under any head than Tax discrepancy will be increase. for example if you declare lower Income, claimed more deduction, error while calculating Tax as compare with department than tax liability may arise, that such may be adjusted against your refund if any available.

Now a days Income Tax Department processed the return faster as compare to earlier, if Department takes more time as prescribed in Income Act than Department is liable to pay interest on your refund amount but this condition is applicable when your return signed copy reached at CPC Income Department office Bengaluru or from the date of EVC accepted.

Income Tax return must be processed within a One year as per current Income Tax laws. if in case your return not processed in such time you can file a grievance on e-filing website through your login ID.

In case of refund, department automatically credited/deposited in such Bank account as mention by you during return filed, some time person by mistake mention wrong account no. in this you can request to department for re-issue of refund with correct Bank Details through your e-filing portal login.